Sunday, July 1, 2007

A New Passion - Come Sing With Me

So there I was last thursday night waiting for something exciting to happen and while we all know that in Kuwait this could take anything between 2 days to about 7 years in some cases, my friends and I decided to jam. Three guys in a room with some equipment; laptops, speakers, amplifiers, one acoustic and another electric guitar and a set of keyboards - and we think of strumming a tune.

Nothing in particular, we just strum and yoodle (try yoddling after a few drinks and about a pack and a half of Davidoff Lights!). People, I kid you not, about 3 hours later we had actually written a song, composed the music and sung dummy recordings in our makeshift studio in 3 pitches......and that too in 2 different genres; rock (the original version) and reggae!!!

Come sing with me,
A distant melody,
A hardcore symphony.

Don't change yourself,
Don't sow unsure seeds,
Don't make yourself bleed.

You've got to be yourself now,
You've got to do what's right.
You've got to make life work for you,
Without taking a bite.

You've got to be yourself now,
You've got to do it right.
You've got to make life work for you baby,
Without taking a bite.


To some of you pros out there this may sound like some childish or drunken (or perhaps both)attempt at a Kuwaiti-Indian version of Rockstar but I think with some practice, dedication and the right strategy, we might be on to something big here.

I'm not saying we're the next big thing after Supernova. Hell, we might not even want the accolades and the fame. All we want is something to do creatively, something to collaborate among friends with, something to entertain with. And possibly a cult following! ;-)

In the meanwhile my friends - come sing with me!


Lord Raj said...

not bad,... not bad at all..

rock on :)

Flaming Carrot said...

LMAO you sound like us... I dont contribute to vocals or playing any of the instruments but I do often burst out to support the shorus :-D

You should record the song on youttube or whatever and put it up here. Might get a fan following, you never know!

P.S: You guys should hit the rock concert at Shaaaab (sp?) park. Hear it'll be good.

BarryUno said...

Thanks mate. once we re-record it we'll put it on Youtube for all to listen to. We actually MAY get a fan following! '-)

So there's another rock concert at Shaab? I was there for one of shows in November 2005. My buddies & I got tickets et al and after about an hour or so we were told that the concert was cancelled for some reason. Damn!!!

Flaming Carrot said...

Oh jeez, I hope this doesnt get canned. Its not like Kuwait has a whole lot to offer anyway {insert very grumpy face} and even though I'd anticipate a whole load of wannabe Kuwaiti Goth, it'd still be something different here eh.

BarryUno said...

For this kind of crowd I suppose it would be. If I remember correctly, the last time they had a pretty decent mix of people outside the auditorium (considering we never got to the inside with the show being cancelled and all). They had Kuwaitis, Indians, Lebenese and I think a handful of Pakistanis too.

Either way it's a lot better than seeing Indian kids who've spent most of their lives in Kuwait doing their rendition of hip-hop rock with a twist. Personally I just like my lime with a twist - in some bacardi & coke!

Eva said...

I've been lucky enough to hear your song, i gotta say for something thrown together on the spur of the moment, it's pretty impressive (esp. lead vocals!!) Not the style of music i've heard you sing but you sure pull it off!!! With a few minor adjustments it'll be awesome!!! The sooner you put it on this site, the sooner you can say hello to your fan base.....i'm heading the queue btw!!So BarryUno, come'COME SING TO US'!!;)

BarryUno said...

For sure my love! Once we fix some (broken) equipment we'll start recording the song once again.

There's space for just one groupie though - you! :-)

Boney said...

So Barry, thats EVA you've told me about

BarryUno said...

Yep, that's the one! She's an absolute sweetheart!

Boney said...

Barry, why don't you land yourself here in this la la land and we could perhaps do the lalalala tunes, and don't forget to get Eva along! (I still remember the write up you posted on the newspaper 'bout me!)

BarryUno said...

I think I vaguely remeber the write-up dude. It's all blurry in my head now but those were fun days!

We'll definitly jam up when I'm in Dubai next! Peace!!!