Monday, July 9, 2007

The reality that is Dubai

I couldn't get too many days off work so I decided to go to the closest "quick vacation" spot around - Dubai. I guess spending time with my girl is the best time spent as far as I am concerned but that is not the point of this post.

Now I've been to Dubai about a zillion times before and I've noticed that things change almost in a flash. Whats annoying is that the people are getting more and more artificial every time I go there. The fake accents, the fancy restaurants, the designer clothes and night clubs seem to be a facade. I'd rather live in a place that has a little more heart. Like Kuwait!

I know what most of you will be thinking. Kuwait? And heart? The truth of the mater is I was born here and have spent a considerable amount of my life here. Perhaps it's the comfort level, perhaps it's the people. Or my familiarity with the roads and the ever changing rules for expatriates that change in a flash (much like the skyline of Dubai). But on the whole I think the people in Kuwait as rude or incompetent as some of them may seem) still have a kind of innocence. That innocence has been lost in Dubai which is now turning to be a well-oiled corporation.

Do I like it in Dubai? Yes, I do. I like the pace of business and the profesionalism people display there. I like the recreational avenues, the malls, the bars and the nightlife. But would I live there? I don't think so.


Q8 Apothecary said...


you have a point, there comes a point when too much flattery and materialism is just unappealing...

and ofcourse, your right... On the HOLE, i do think the kuwaiti people have a kind of naive innocence... ;)

Flaming Carrot said...

Well yea, Kuwait isnt life in the fast lane (NOT literally speaking considering our insane ring roads of course)... I agree with you on Kuwait being a complete whirl wind, I've always liked whirlwinds but Dubai knocked the wind out of me last weekend.
I have lived in a big city before and love that adrenaline buzz about it, and the thing is, as fake as they can be - there is a realistic corner that does exist somewhere there. It has to cater to all kinds of people because thats what it has, unfortunately, it's the superficial that is most abundant and all that we see. Ya know?

BarryUno said...

I guess you do make a fine point when you say there must be a realistic corner somewhere. Perhaps it's because I've lived in Kuwait that I seem to find that corner a lot faster than when I'm in Dubai but come to think of it even big cities like New York have a heart. Like the old loft apartment areas on Green Street in Soho or the Village area. The people there are so warm and friendly and they don't brag about their cars and fancy gadgets! More than I can say for Dubai!

Anonymous said...

With over 100,000 firms registered, 1.3 million population in Dubai itself, The Burj Dubai tower which is the highest tower on earth at the moment whose height is still a mystery, A floating bridge with 6 lanes completed in 300 days, Palm Deira Islands, Palm Jumeira Islands, The World Islands, Cities in A City, The 7 Star hotel....will it ever stop?...Thats the reality that is DUBAI. I have lived here for the last 8 years and it has turned from a few buildings on Shaikh Zayed Road to few hundreds and I have no idea what it was 8 times 8 years back. But something thats bothering me a lot is "are the people who are contributing to this development HAPPY?" I have doubts!
Barry, you have a different reason altogether why you find yourself here, don't you?
Its more of a personal love rality than the reality of Dubai. LOL

Boney said...

Sorry Barry, the above is me, myself, BONEY

BarryUno said...

You make a fine point Bones. I remember visiting Dubai in 1987 or 88 I think. It was so different than it is today. Smaller buildings (in fact there were hardly any buildings above 5 stories save for the ones in downtown Dubai. Today is an entirely different story. It is obvious that the rulers run the emirate like a corporation which is why most businesses don't have any major complaints. Trade facilitation is at the top of the agenda and the it is also being heavily promoted as a "tourist destination" for the people who want to pack in a lot of activity in a short holiday. Economically the place may be booming and is a haven for investors.

However looking at it from a human perspective, it's all a sham because the people are quite indifferent about stuff that's going on. They might pretend that they're deep rooted and passionate but most of them are fake. Fancy suits, cars (mind you we have plenty of those in Kuwait too) and accessories aside, they're just shallow people. Apart from my observation, this has actually been told to me by quite a few people who have moved to Kuwait from Dubai. Isn't that fascinating? :p

Of course buddy, with the exception of you and a few other people I know! ;-)