Monday, July 23, 2007

What're your favorite TV shows of the Eighties?

I was just reading a post on Rayboy's blog about some producers in the US wanting to make a newer version of the popular TV show Knight Rider (one of my all-time favorites as a kid) which is what insposred me to post this. (Thanks Ray)

Being an eighties kid, I grew up watching tv shows like the A Team, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon, Matlock, Remington Steele among many more. One of my favorites of course has to be Moonlighting. While the A Team showed the world how a bunch of vigilantes can also be "nice guys after becoming a modern day version of Robin Hood & his band of merry men and Knight Rider inspired the youngsters of the older generation to go and get themselves black Trans'ams, Moonlighting not only revived the career of Cybil Sheperd and made a star out of Bruce Willis but gave us a highly entertaining TV series with action, adventure drama, comedy & romance.

So how many of you watched these shows in the eighties? Any favorites? What did you think of their clothes and their dress sense? And the technology back in the day? Feeling a bit nostalgic for some reason....


Rayboy said...

Somehow , i got into the 80's Fever .. and posted about "THE V SERIES" on my blog. :-)

apatt from these i used to go crazy over

The A Team
Blue Thunder
Going Bananas

for cartoons it used to be
Bionic Six
Rubick Cube

wow ,, it does bring a few tears :-) .. miss those days , when i used to rush from school to get the 6.00 pm cartoon show.

Rayboy said...

somehow the other day, when i was watching knight rider over some DVDs i got. my wife and my sister law commented on .. how hilarous the action scenes are of the yesteryears ... as compared to those like transformers...

I started to ponder.. how do we watch the 80's shows , when we are exposed to animated stuff and breath taking real life drama.

it just make us ponder on , that as kids.. it was truly amazing to watch a pontiac to do tricks in knight rider. while now we watch camero turn into bumblebee in transformers :-)

Eva said...

includig the ones you've already mentioned, here are a few more of my favs.......Airwolf, Perry Mason, Midnight Caller, Magnum PI, Murphy's Law, MacGyver, Cagney and Lacey, The Fallguy, Murder, She Wrote, The Incredible Hulk, St Elsewhere, LA Law, Dynasty, The Colbys, Dallas, Knots Landing, The Golden Girls, Roseanne, Different Strokes, The Cosby Show, Punky Brewster, Rags to Riches, A Different World......there are so many more!!

I really did love TV back then!! Shows from the 80's made for great viewing, they certainly don't make them like the used to!

The shows were much more fun and entertaining to watch - you had great storylines, wacky and wonderful characters, with outrageous and colourful clothes and big hair!!

I'd much rather watch reruns than remakes of the can't beat the originals!!!!

Babe, best not to write about cartoons and music from the 80's, i'm afarid i'll take up all your space!!!;)

BarryUno said...

Speaking of carotons, I loved the Centurions, Bionic Six and Thundercats too. Did you guys ever watch Voltron: Defender of the universe? That was one fo my favotites too.

BarryUno said...

Hey and remember the cards we used to collect? There were cards for V, Battlestar Galactica, the Six Million Dollar man and Knight Rider. Ray you're right...strolling down memory lane sure makes me sad!

Rubick said...

I think the 80s was a good time for television & not so good for movies.The tv series they made in those days were funny & entertaining.Maybe its just because we were kids gorwing up in the 80s.Kids nowdays will probably not like those series.They prefer watching other stuff.

Lord Raj said...

Voltron... me n ma friends used to PLAY that in school.. under the fire escape stairway. (dont ask me HOW) .. i always wanted to be the Red Lion. :)

Knight Rider was cool but ma favorite was.. (n guess still is) THUNDERCATS......... HO!!!!!

great post mate.. n great comments

BarryUno said...

Rubick: You're right the eighties was a great time for TV shows but they didn't make many great movies except Scarface!:-) They then went into a slump in the nineties with really bad TV programs trying to weave in topics of the eighties that were long forgotten due to alternate media being introduced and changing lifestyles - mainly better haircuts! :p

But TV shows have drastically improved in the past 5 years. Shows like Lost, Prison Break, Heroes and Taken have set new standards in the industry while Sex & The City, Desperate Houswives have set standards of their own in terms of issues affecting our daily lives (at least in the western world. here we have to worry about other stuff). Either way most shows have set new benchmarks for visuals, narrations, script writing and direction. The characters are more believable and complex and depict the modern generation in a more realistic way!

lord raj: Thundercats was a cool cartoon series. As far as Voltron goes, I always wanted to be the Black Lion (wasn't that one the part that formed the Head? And for a kid I thought that Princess Allura chick was cute! ;-)

Lord Raj said...



yes, i do remember.. ' N I FORM .. THE HEAD '

lol, the good old days.

abt the princess.. well no comments. dont really remember much of her.

Hey.. does anyone remember grandizer?? it might be dubbed in Arabic, n although i didnt understand a word (not that i understand much now, either), i thought it was pretty cool

Lord Raj said...


This is paradise, this town is like a great big p u s s y.. jus waitin to ger f u c k e d

hey.. im not usin bad language.. its a quote form the movie.

n ofcourse.. who can forget.. SAY HELLO TO MA LIL FRIEND

Rubick said...

Scarface was a great movie.They dont make those kind of movies anymore.Tony Montana became a legend after that and so did Al Pacino.

BarryUno said...

How about "Why don't you stick your head up your ass - see if it fits". That's another classic tony Montana line. Or even "I always tell the truth - even when I lie"

I've actully used the first line on a guy I know. Unfortunately he hadn't seen Scarface so it didn't make much of an impact although it did ruffle a few of his feathers!

Grandizer was pretty cool even though I didnt totally understand what was going on. Used to watch it on Friday mornings.

Rayboy said...

Yeah Voltron was cool. I wanted to be the red lion , whicg could go through fire :-)

I was punished at school for roaming with A Team trading cards .. suspended for a day ..

BarryUno said...

That's bad Ray. But not as bad as me. I had a big bully take my Knight Rider card by force at school. He threatened to beat the crap out of me if I didn't so I painfully obliged. Needless to say I was a small kid back then (not that I'm a big guy now or anything) but I still am mad at him for taking the damn card! The bastard!

Rubick said...

Barryuno, you probably want to kick the guy's ass now if you ever see him right?

Hey eva I loved macgyver.I thought the series was really cool with the macgyver being able to make sophisticated looking gadgets with simple objects.I loved his booby traps to catch the bad guys.He always carried a swiss knife wherever he went.Great tv series!

BarryUno said...

You bet your ass Rubick - if I ever see the bastard, I'll give him a real bad ass-kicking! Alternatively, I could subject him to some real sarcastic treatment that I am known for. That'll be just as bad as an ass-whooping if not worse!

What can I say, I'm just a better person now! :-)

Dorset said...

Interesting to know.

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Anonymous said...

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BarryUno said...

I'm sorry, I don't tweet. not into micro-blogging. I think it's sad that some people spend half their day on sites like Twitter when they can be doing some work and beefing up their knowledge instead.