Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dumbasses - How many varieties do you know?

This post has been inspired by the large number of stupid people that inhabit the world. With all due respect to everyone reading this blogpost, I am going to whine a little about how certain people just piss you off by being rude, inconsiderate or plain stupid.

Dumbass 01:
These are the people who will try and suck the life out of an elevator button thinking it will get to you faster if you press harder.

Dumbass 02:
These are the people who get to an elevator, see a bunch of other people already waiting for the elevator to get to them, press the damn button a few times just for reassurance. They're the smartases who think that nobody else has pressed the button and it is solely their duty to do so and prevent the rest of the people from looking like fools. (perhaps in Kuwait it is attributed to the "vasta" factor) pull a few stirngs, press a few buttons....

Dumbass 03:
This category just runs into an elevator as soon as the doors open often not allowing persons already inside to step out. These people are either in a real big rush to get hit by a truck or are just desperately in need of a potty break.

Dumbass 04:
Ever knew people who casually ask how you're doing when they see you on the street or at the dricleaners or your local bakala (local convinience store)? Notice, they say "How are ya?" instead of "How ARE you?" My guess on this is that if he or she says "How are ya?" they're really not in the mood to know how you're doing. It's like a lackadaisical approach to the whole greeting."How ARE you?" on the other hand warrants to a few other questions"How is the wife? Kids ok? Blood pressure under control? Watch Die Hard 4.0?" etc etc etc.

In due course of time I am sure I will find at least another 4 dozen categories of dumbasses to write about but in the meanwhile, this will have to do.


Rayboy said...

Dude you missed out the following :

Dumbass no#?
People who press both the elevator buttons (up and down) to just go down.

Dumbass no#?
People who hold the elevator door , to say the last good bye's to all outside before entering, not bothering about those waiting inside.

Waseet Guy
Well its his job. But this guy goes to the top most floor , when starts. then he clicks all the floor buttons , so everytime the door opens he flies in and out, making the people in the elevator to go to all the floors :-(

Liv said...

Suggest you try the stairs. Good workout for your gluteus maximus.

Rubick said...

Gluteus maximus? Are those like legs or something? Or maybe they are a new kind of dumbass. Why cant people just be normal and speak normally? :-(

BarryUno said...

I think she means buttocks, thighs or thereabouts mate.

Livvy my dear, where have you been? Long time no cyber-see!

BTW, I always take the stairs but they don't do much good if you've running to a meeting in a 20 storey office building now do they?

Liv said...

There goes my attempt at sarcasm!Hey Barry,yes indeedy! Hope all is well.

Rubick, suggest you expand your knowledge curve by reading a bit more. Then you'll have a happy face at the end of your sentence.

BarryUno said...

Rubick I suggest you take what the lady says seriously and read up. If I know anything about Liv, she oozes sarcasm. I kinda like that in a girl! ;-)

Rubick said...

So u guys know each other. Chivalry is not dead.

Im smiling now Liv. :-)

BarryUno said...

Rubick my friend, you certainly need to do some reading. Chivalry isn't just about men being nice to women (although that's what most people think nowadays).

Chivalry was a system that comprised a certain moral code practiced by knights in medieval England. It propogated virtues like honor, love for one's kingdom/country and love for a woman among a few other things.

Rubick said...

So u're a smart ass too? Thanks for the knowledge uno. since i do have all the qualities u've mentioned i think its fair to consider myself chivalrous? ;-)

BarryUno said...

Yes I am a smart ass mate and I have been told that by quite a few people! ;-)

From what you've said in your previous post, I suppose I could consider you chivalrous although I wouldn't want to find out for sure! I'll just take your word for it. Peace!

BTW, I've just realised that this post has deviated from it's original subject. Don't any of you guys have some new or different kind of dumbass whose ass you'd like to kick?