Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Karaoke Kings - In Kuwait???

Karaoke is one of those new fads that actually allows you to become the lead singer of the rock band you always dreamed of fronting. At least if you don't mind losing your inhibitions after a few minutes at a karaoke bar.

Karaoke bars of course were always around but the prevailance of new gizmos and software has now made it possible to bring it home to the confines of your own living room! And we here in Kuwait are doing just that (it's funny what the absence of a good pub or bar can do to you).

Karaoke singing is a great release, a way to let all the events of the day disappear, to let loose and have a good time! If you're feeling a bit voyeurish, you can just sit back and enjoy everyone else’s attempt to sing karaoke (and look stupid mind you). It is quite entertaining, listening to people that are really good, people having fun with it, and people that just have no clue whatsoever(these are the people you might want to clobber with a baseball bat because they've murdered the song for you)

All in all I think we've finally managed to catch on to a new fad and we'd hopefully like to hang on to it until we get bored (which will be in a few weeks) or until the next best stress release is released! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Karaoke is great but i dont know if people in kuwait have heard of the proper concept.Personally u cant do karaoke without being in a bar or pub mate and thats the bottom line.If you're still doing it than hats off to you and your buddies for trying to create an atmospehere.At least you tried.

Flaming Carrot said...

Hah if it isnt good ol Elroy! You turning him into a celebrity eh?

BarryUno said...

Yeah, that sure is Elroy! After about 3 drinks he and his brother Elvis do a pretty good rendition of a very popular Limp Bizkit song that for the life of me I can't seem to remember right now!

Flaming Carrot said...

I betcha 5 bucks (INR if I loose, KD if I win :-D) it's "Doesnt really matter"

BarryUno said...

Nope, you owe me a fiver dude! ;-)

It's Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit. I know it's not the original version by The Who since he does the whole "L - I - M - P say it Discover" part!