Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The "Yesterday" syndrome!

I'm perplexed by the "yesterday" syndrome. What do you do when your boss or one of your colleagues from another department comes over and asks you to do something? Most of us decide to take the project on and start preparing for it. It's only when the person who assigns you the project says "I want it yesterday" that you start doubting your decision of joining your present company.

Let's face it; the whole "I want it yesterday" syndrome was pretty cool back in the day when it was first made popular. It showed passion and determination. It was used sparingly and with meaning and you sort of respected the people who asked you for stuff yesterday. Nowadays about a decade after it was made popular, a lot of the people at work use that phrase a lot. I want that report on my desk yesterday. I want my car serviced yesterday. I want to be able to fly to the moon and back after going to a tanning salon on Jupiter and a gambling trip to Las Venus – yesterday! Come on people, give it a break!

It's bad enough that we've got so many things to in so little time at work because our superiors keep dumping work on us like we're a sate-of-the-art food processing plant in France. Now we have to deal with morons who ask us to time travel to the past and get stuff done. What initially was seen as passion has been transformed into a rabid joke that is taking over every office. What does that mean in one line? Our bosses are procrastinators. If you think the task had to be completed yesterday, you should have given it to me the day before! It's as simple as that! Why wait until today to assign it to me? What it proves is that these people are not good managers and collaborators and they're even worse at planning!

Do you people have any such gripes about the "yesterday" syndrome?


Lord Raj said...

I know you must be going through hell with this.. but..

Sorry - not being insensitive... but LOL!! mannn that was funny!!


BarryUno said...

At the rate at which things are going with this whole "yesterday" hogwash, we will all have to invest in the gypsy Mariska's balls! I mean crystal balls to help us see into our future.

Imagine if we'd be able to get a whiff of the work our bosses were going to dump on us tomorrow. Considering they wanted it yesterday. We'd be able to deliver it to them today.....thus making us look competent! ;-)

Rubick said...

Ha ha ha! This is so funny and so true.Seems like everyone wants things done with s snap of a finger and they expect us poor indians to do some magic and get stuff done.In my previous company i had a boss who used to think i was a go-to guy apart from my actual job in finance.Its a good thing to build a relationship with suppliers but my boss back then would ask me to locate wierd things for his personal use.everything he wanted was either too weird to be found and he of course required it yesterday. The bastard didnt even have the brains to do some research on the net and find the stuff he wanted.Anyhow it turned out to be a good thing because i have developed so many contacts now.

BarryUno said...

Hey Rubick, that was an interesting comment. For some reason it sounds like you're sending a "letter to the editor" of one of those magazines like Cosmopolitan or something! ;-)

Either way, what you're saying is completely true! a lot of the people I know have no idea that they can harness the power of the internet to source whatever they need and for the most part (unless you're looking for a travel agent who can hook you up with that vacation in the Swiss Alps where you're drinking champagne through a straw while sking like I mentioned in my previous post) they can manage to find what they're looking for.

They're just too damn lazy for one thing and for another, Indians are just a more resourceful bunch of people!