Tuesday, December 18, 2007

People and cars!

I have made an astute observation. The car you drive speaks about your personality. For the most part it does........and definitely more-so in this country!

For someone to drive a Toyota Echo or Nissan Sunny simply means that he or she has absolutely no knowledge about cars and couldn't give a damn! He or she wants to get from point A to point B and couldn't care how that trip is made. The interiors are shabby and cheap. Albeit all the improvements and additional accessories Nissan has introduced in the new Sunny, it still feels like driving a gypsy caravan without prizefighter Mickey O'Neil in Snatch!

The same goes for people that drive the Echo. Looking at the instrument panel is like looking at a cheap Casio calculator. Needless to say the shape of the car is a complete turn-off. It's like a frog made of fiber! Or maybe something you'd get if a Corolla spat out a car! I'm glad they stopped making it. The replacement - the Yaris also has a lot to be desired but at least it looks better than its predecessor!

The people that drive these cars; what can we say about them? According to my observation, these are the people that do 80 kmph on a 120 lane! They're the ones who'll wait for an eternity to cross an intersection. And they'll drive so defensively that you get the feeling they're driving like everyone else on the road wants to kill them. Pisses the hell out of me!

Bottom line; if you can't afford anything else, wait. Get a used Lancer, Corolla or Peugeot 207 but don't buy an Echo or Sunny!


Lord Raj said...

New template again..

Red and white.. hmm christmas theme :)

BTW.. Funny post.

Something that a corolla spat out.. LOL!!

BarryUno said...

Thanks mate. Yeah I thought I'd get into the Christmas mood et al!

Have a great Christmas!!!


Rubick said...

That is sad but true.Now that i think of it i cna actually remember how drivers in an echo would react to a traffic jam or just a plain highway slowdown.They usually get their indicators working miles before the exit is even in sight.
Btw i used to drive an echo for 2 months when i first started driving in kuwait.It felt great to just be driving but the car itself was a piece of crap.

Q8Apothecary said...


Nice post, your right... as with all other choices one makes, buying a car is no different... it's like buying a suit, you might not be able to afford a 4000KD Brioni suit... but that don't mean you have to buy the bright blue lapel suit on sale in ZIGZAG for 5KD...

In today's world, we are blessed with more choice than ever before... why one would waste this choice on a Sunny beats me...!

keep up the good writing...

BarryUno said...

Thanks Mr. Q8 Apothecary Sir!!! Great to see you back in cyberspace! Good analogy with the Brioni suit and Zigzag.