Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter in Kuwait!

Kuwait isn't that charming to begin with. I mean I like it here to a certain extent (this is a fact clearly visible in my previous post) but sometimes it does get a little too drab. When I say drab I mean the landscape, the people etc. It lacks color! And excitement!

However come winter and I tend to get a little excited. Perhaps it's because of the winter fashion. I'd like to think that I'm quite trendy and that's one thing I like about winters. Albeit there aren't any opportunities for snowball fights and sleighing but at least we get to experience fashion and ever-changing trends. Winter in Kuwait always gives you a chance to dress up and exhibit your sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and what not!

Another thing that excites me is Christmas! Allright so it isn't as big as it is in the US or even India but there is a certain charm to it here in Kuwait as well. People decorating their Christmas trees at home, putting up their hangings and's a cute little sight if you know what I mean. The fact that it isn't as commercial is what makes it special. It is because there aren't many or any official events associated with Christmas here in Kuwait apart from a few X'Mas balls (the dancing variety not the kicking ones) that makes it more personal. All there is to do is visit your relatives, eat christmas savouries and get drunk while eating (in some cases while cooking) your turkey lunch! I find this scene quite charming.

Finally, it's the last month of the year so most people I know are in a very contemplative mood. Should I have accepted that job offer, should I have asked for a raise instead, should I have boinked that chick without protection......are only a few of the many questions they ask themselves! And so they make new year's resolutions - I will accept the next best offer that comes my way or I will aim for a higher salary this year or I will make it a point to carry a box of Durex Play at all times! ;-) Needless to say, it's quite a sight listening to them tell you their resolutions. All in all a very interesting month!

What excites you about December? Does it excite you at all?


BarryUno said...

I forgot the scrambling that goes on around new year's. Everyone wants to be doing something exciting like sking the Swiss Alps while drinking champagne through a straw or get some Australian elf (primarily a bikini clad supermodel) to rub sun-tan oil on your back. But sadly the next best thing is to attend a dumb-ass house party organized by a sad bunch of expats who've pretty much never been anywhere else on new years eve! I have to admit me and some of my friends have thrown some of the more successful parties over the past few years but I have resigned my position of party planner this year! ;p

Anonymous said...

That's true what you've said. Winter is definitely a great time of the year and even in Kuwait there is a certain excitement in the air. Call me a dreamer but I seem to see people a little more happy at this time of the year.
And Barry, your description on new year resolution is hillarious but so true! Do let us know if there are any interesting parties this year.

BarryUno said...

Sorry Anon, like I said in my previous comment - I'm taking a break from being the organizer this year! I'd rather spend a calm and queit new year's! So yeah, you can let me know if there's any party hapenning at your end! ;-) Cheers!

Lord Raj said...

Nice post...

What excites me about December.. Year end bonus talks .. :D

and then ofcourse vacation plans. Unfortunately this year, can't take a vacation - (My assistant is taking his mom for Hajj.)

There will be five days holidays. I thought I would make a trip to B'lore or some place.. not sure yet.. (don't know what to do, once I land there, and the worst thing, will have to leave the place before christmas anyway).


BarryUno said...

Oh yeah raj, I forgot about the bonus this year! That's something a lot of people talk about.

Here's what probably goes around in conversation:
You ask your boss - How much am I getting?
You ask your colleague - How much are you getting?
You ask the MD's executive assistant - How much is the MD getting?
You ask yourself - what am I going to do with mine?
You think to yourself - I want to buy a home theatre system that is so intuitive that it can tell when I'm home or not and play the volume accordingly......."

Damn choices!

Lord Raj said...


Mate, you sure have a way with words.

BarryUno said...

Thanks mate. Wit, humor....and sometimes sarcasm drips out of me like a leaky faucet that just can't be fixed!

But like the people that go to McDonald's say - I'm loving it! ;-)

Rubick said...

Hey barry u seem to be on a roll! I like the humor & the sarcasm certainly adds to the interest in posting on your blog.
Winter in Kuwait is quite nice compared to other times in my opinion.There is always so much hapening during december in particular.Loads of indian events for christmas and new years.people making resolutions and later breaking them is quite common.What i hate is all the stuff that we normally consume(u & raj probably know what im talkin about)becomes real expensive to buy.Its like the suppliers know when to hike the rates and will do anything for a fast buck.Anyhow it is a good time of the year and people are generaly in a good mood.
Btw its good to see u posting more often after ur break.congrats on ur engagement as well!
Keep up the posts dude.

BarryUno said...

hey Rubick, sorry for the late reply. I know the kind of stuff you're talking about that we all onsume and yes, it's the law of economics - raise the price when the people will be in most need of it. But considering it's probably the only job they make a buck....or KD in this case, it's quite allright. I just have a gripe about what's available and what's not! ;-)

Thanks for the congratulation mate. Cheers!