Monday, December 17, 2007

Full Circle!

Life is a full circle! Of course most of you know that already and for those of you who don't.....I'm sorry, you've got to either read more Buddhist philosophy or marry Richard Gere!

I have noticed of late that I keep bumping into people I used to hang out with in school and college. I randomly meet people I first started working with. I even meet people I've pulled nasty pranks on when I was growing up! Which brought me to thinking last night......about what Baz Lurhman said in his rant Sunscreen a few years ago. "The more older you get, the more you'll run into people you knew when you were younger" or something to that effect. And this is so true!

I'm probably reflecting on this cos I turned a year older last month and it's the end of the year etc etc. But it is something that hits home nonetheless. And as I grow older/younger and wiser I look forward to seeing more of the people I knew. Talking about the good old days when we used to blow up condoms thinking they were balloons and set them across the village river about 2 decades ago (we couldn't possibly have known what they were actually meant for).

Have you fine people experienced this?


Rubick said...

Indeed, life is a full circle.

It really is strange that this seems to happen to all of us.I just met a few of my old school teachers on my last vacation to India.I had not seen them for years.After that it was like a carnaval.I saw one childhood friend after another.It was good to reconnect and talk about the old school days when we were young and dangerous.Im looking forward to seeing some more of my old friends as i grow older and we'll see if your theory is true.

BarryUno said...

Yo Rube, Are you saying that you've got doubts in my theory? ;-)

Rubick said...

Not at all man,i have absolutely no doubts in ur theory.