Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling all you Authority Abusers: do you think you're better than the rest of us?

Thanks to my job, I get to meet a lot of people in influential positions in Kuwait and although that is not always a good thing I can cope with it most of the time. However the one thing that annoys the living crap out of me is people who abuse their authority and more specifically, people who THINK they have authority.

Have you ever worked or dealt with people at the British or American Embassies in Kuwait? I mean local recruits, mainly counter staff or lower level staff that aren’t British or American in any way; mainly Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians, Indians, Pilipino etc.? These people think just because they work for the Embassy, they’re as good as the people of that country. Now I’m not saying the British or Americans are better than the rest of us lot, but sadly this is how people in this part of the world think. And this is exactly how these ignoramuses think as well. To make matters worse, these people are rude, arrogant and condescending and thoroughly unprofessional!

Just to educate the rest of you folk who don’t know this; most lower level embassy jobs are cut and dry and as easy as pie….or maybe easier! It’s mainly filling & checking forms, accepting applications, filing, placing orders for supplies, talkling to people that call for information (that is mostly read from a book of ready answers because the nit-wits don't know to handle exceptions) releasing purchase orders etc. You don’t even need to be a brain surgeon’s ass-wipe to get those things done! The nerve of some of those people, pretending that they are more important (and busier) than the ambassadors themselves?

The funny thing is I know some real Brits and Americans that work at these embassies and they’re not even half as arrogant as their wannabe colleagues. Maybe the embassies in question need to evaluate their positions on this. Or perhaps they’re happy with employing morons because they accept to work for less? Damn shame!


L o r d R a j said...

Those who pretend to be better than others are a real pain to those of us who actually ARE.


BarryUno said...

Well put mate! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Rubick said...

"You don’t even need to be a brain surgeon’s ass-wipe to get those things done!"

Hahahahaha. Looooolll.I loved that bit,hillarious!The original barryuno is back i think! :-)

I know exactly what u mean.Even the people at the indian embassy think no end of themselves.The guys serving u at the counters are rude.Im glad they have outsourced it to a prvate company now, things are much better than they udes to be.

BarryUno said...

I thought about it a little more over the weekend and realized, there will always be people who abuse authority in almost every part of the world. Even in civilized countries with rules and enforecers of those rules.

However, people who think they have authority is alltogether an entirely new bunch of morons!