Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will we ever live as ONE!

The other day I was thinking about how different countries have different defence, military and development programs that it can benefit from. Some countries even go to the extent of setting up bases and platforms in other countries or territories to get the upper hand on their neighbours and rivals. Then I chanced upon watching an episode of “V” a TV show that airs on MBC Action that revolves around a species of aliens that have come to earth from a galaxy far far away. They claim to want to live in peace with the people of earth and exchange knowledge and technology etc.but it turns out they lied and just want to conquer earth. It’s a remake of a popular 80s TV mini series that I watched as a kid. However, the plot of the storyline isn’t the point here. The point is in one of the episodes, their commander or leader tells the people of Earth that from where she comes from, there are no countries and everyone on their planet acts in the interest of the planet.

That got me thinking, when will we act like that? For centuries we have fought against one another. Different human configurations have always fought for supremacy and the reasons were manifold; racial, political, geographical and technological superiority. When, if ever, do you think will we ever begin to start thinking as citizens of the world instead of nationals of a particular country? When will we unite as one race? A race of humans! Do we have to wait for a few centuries before we start traveling in spaceships and have no more earth to conquer after the ravages of war? It is definitely something to think about. Either way, John Lennon surmises this best in his unforgettable song, Imagine. Here’s one verse for you to ponder upon!

Imagine there's no countries,

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace


L o r d R a j said...

Hey Barry,

Been a while!

Nice post.

BTW, you do know what happens to people (like you and me) who bring up the topic of One World, One religion, One currency... right?

Yes.. we get branded as the Antichrist.

So, I guess that answers your question.

The opposition to being ONE and working together stems from the narrow loyalties of the population's mind. And these are constantly fed by politicians and religious leaders (primarily).

Alternatively termed as ignorance.
Basic lack of common sense.
Constant dumbing down of the population.

BarryUno said...

Yeah, it's been a while but this time, I'll try and be around more.

I can't believe a TV show brought my thinking to the forefront (although the thoughts of one world etc were probably engrained in my subconsious for a while). You're absolutely right in saying the opposition to being one is fueled by the greed of the politicians and religious leaders (who again have a political goal in mind in most cases).

Should we wait for the day that we dennounce borders and loyalties to our countries and pledge alligience to the world? Will that day come any sooner? Will we see it in our lifetime? I don't know for sure but again, Lennon's aptly titled his song I suppose. It's OK for us to IMAGINE! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you speak of living life as one like it's some kind of Utopia. Unfortunately, it does not look like Utopia is within our reach. It's just like in the HG Wells classic, The Time Machine; where the Traveller makes trips to different part of the world's future and eventually gets stuck in an earth that is deteorating. We will probably be lucky and not experience this in our lifetimes but we will also not be able to experience your vision of living as One.

BarryUno said...

Deep man! I didn't really refer to any form of Utopia, just living in a peaceful atmosphere without boundaries and division based on race, color, education, intelligence, monetary or millitary power etc.

But yes, I do remember reading the HG Wells classic, I think they made two films based on the book. Both were of course not accurate accounts and I am sure people who've read the book will agree with me but I guess the films were made for different viewers at different times so it's OK.

But getting back to the point, in the book, the Traveller sees the end of the world and it isn't a pretty sight. He laments at the fact that humans didn't get a chance to fix things in the future or in other words "we didn't get a second chance". I think this is what you mean.

Either way I agree with you on one thing though; neither you nor I will live to see the day we live as ONE. But it doesn't hurt to be hopeful mate! :p

Rubick said...

What a strange topic 2 be discusin but at least we got u back barryuno.Long time no see!!!???

Although this is a highly debatable subject n asnwers & responses can get as creative as hell,i think the truth is that it is always a fantasy that we all live as one.Thats why we see it in tv serials and films.The reality of the matter is we will never see eye 2 eye with people of other races,castes n countries.