Thursday, June 25, 2009

Handling the Recession

Researchers and financial analysts (these are the same people that said the US economy was solid for the next 2 decades by the way) say that even through we’re undergoing a recession; some communities are seemingly less affected by the global downturn than the others. This means that if you’re in healthcare or education, you’re less likely to lose your job than if you are in the banking or financial services sectors. Of course this doesn’t mean that teachers, doctors and nurses are recession proof; it just means they are harder to get rid of than the annoying investment consultant bugging you with incessant phone calls telling you to diversify your stock portfolio.

Maybe it's about time some of us switched professions? ;-) Either way, I think we're lucky we live in the GCC. Although things are rough at the moment with job-cuts, pay-cuts and budget-cuts, at least we're better off than the people in the US where the scene is almost literally cut-throat!


lensman said...

Hey Barry,

Nice stuff... Like your style of writing... Keep writing...

Snoopy said...

hey an, its been a while since you posted this so I am sure you have a differen take on the whole recesion thing by now?

The way things are going, I think even teachers and nurses are either getting hit or are already hit by the recession. But I like to be positive so Im sure there is a positive side to this and if its not showing yet, it will definietly present itself soon.