Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parking Woes!!!

Parking has always been a problem in Kuwait. From parking at work to parking in crowded streets to even paid parking lots. We find people doing all sorts of nonsense when it comes to parking. Let's break it down into a few categories:

Take for instance the Asian expatriates who drive their Kuwaiti sponsor's cars. Man, just because you're driving a Lexus or a BMW 7 Series, doesn't mean you get to behave rude and obnoxious like your bosses! First of all these people drive like peacocks on a mating spree and when they're waiting for their sponsors to come out pf the malls, they wait right at the entrance blocking other drivers from passing. And heaven forbid you blow your horn, they give you that stare that makes you think they're actually the owners of those fancy cars who just have absolutely no dress sense!

There those other kind of people who think that it is their God-given right to take all their time when getting into their cars after a bout of shopping. It could take anything between 30 seconds to 45 minutes for ladies (who are heavily made up) to get into their car, get out to throw their Oscar De La Renta bag in the back seat, climb into the driver's seat again, adjust the rear view mirror (while simultaneously checking to see if their heavy make up is still on), turning on the ignition and almost rear-ending the vehicle behind theirs while getting out of a seemingly easy-to-get-out-of parking spot. They might not want to Asian driver waiting for them but this is worse than that; at least for people waiting for their turn to park. Ladies, please learn to differentiate between N, D and R in our gear shift.

Then there are stalkers who stalk parking spaces. These people drive slow and steady smack in the middle of the parking lot with little regard for the people behind them. Their only aim is to obtain the parking slot right next to the entrance of a mall or supermarket despite the large number of empty spaces that exist in the next lane. They don't mind waiting for even 15 minutes if it secures their spot right next to the entrance. Now all they need is a red carpet and the steely white flashes of the paparazzi!

Then you have those stupid paid parking lots especially in downtown Kuwait City. You pay to enter and despite that you spend about 20 minutes finding a spot. The whole concept of ease of use has been lost here and this happens quite a lot during rush hour. Why don’t they just keep track of the number of cars they let in and stop people from entering once it is full?

Let's not forget, there are those dim-wit numb-skulls that think they have the right to park in two spots instead of one. They either don't see the white line separating two spots of they just don't care. They park diagonally and think it's a mater of style or it shows off their driving (in this case parking) prowess. These people really piss me off – selfish fu#ks!

Finally, there are the people who block someone else thinking "he's not going to move…..I'll be back in a jiffy". Now these are probably the people who come home from the office for a quick lunch and get caught up in an afternoon quickie that they need to take a small nap after it's done. Forget about the poor soul downstairs that has to get to the office or an appointment on time, he can wait until I finish my nap and get another quickie on my way out!

Why do I ask you are people so inconsiderate? Why is it that they are so lazy? Why do they think they're the only people privileged to drive on the roads? Do any of you want to add to these categories?


Lord Raj said...

Nice post! LOL @ they're actually the owners of those fancy cars who just have absolutely no dress sense!

Inconsiderate - hmm I am not sure if some of them even realize that they are being inconsiderate. (Yes, that makes it even worse).

The thing is, lack of basic road sense. It's pretty much like those idiots driving at a 100 in the fast track.. (not just in front of the cams, BTW)

BarryUno said...

I know what you mean mate. It's just the driving culture here that gets to you. Road courtesy just doesn't exist here and I have learnt that instead of being defensive sometimes you have to be an aggressive driver, especially if you need to switch lanes or when you're joining a main road from a bylane.

And yes, some of these people especially the women who drive fancy cars are so wrapped up in their tiny pathetic world that they don't even realize that they're being a nuisance on the road. I remember this one time I was getting into the lane approaching the roundabout next to hadi clinic in jabriya. This woman almost came crashing into me on the wrong side of the road and I don't even think she realized she was on the wrong side. Damn shame!

Brandy! said...

U pretty much have it covered here! Forget road sense ... there's no civic sense either ... as long as they get a place to park, they don't care that they're taking up two parking spaces ... or in some cases even three!!! :(

Rubick said...

Yeah its quite a shame that we in q8 have the best roads and the best of cars and still dont know how to navigate properly.I was in Europe a few months ago and was very surprised to see the way people drive there.They have the best of cars there too(Switzerland) n although they r small compared to the ones in q8 and the roads r not as easy to drive on as here, the people still drive with a lot of patience and consideration.

BarryUno said...

Yes, we do seem to have better and more powerful cars here but most of us can't seem to drive right. How many times have you slowed down when you see a speedcam and sped up immedeately after you've passed it?

How many times have you taken the wrong way when nobody was on the road?

How many times have you crossed a red light at late night when there wasn't any traffic?

Speaking of bad things happening on roads, someone I knew passed away this weekend on the way back home from a party. Was involved in a major collision on the 5th ring road, God rest her soul!