Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stand out....don't blend in!

I am dumbfounded by the lack of creativity in Kuwait sometimes. I'm talking a about the same voices you hear doing jingles and commercials on Kuwait radio every morning. I'm talking about the same automated voice you hear when you call at least 3 or 4 leading banks in Kuwait. For some reason people making these cheap works of shame seem to think that associating a familiar voice in their automated voice system will enhance their reputation as they feel they're using a celebrity voice to a certain extent. Little to those fools realize that people CAN spot the similarities in the voices. For an organization of any international repute, it's important to have a clear-cut image and segregate it from the usual hum drum. Oh ye exalted people of the advertising world (in Kuwait), can you absolutely not find another voice to do those jingles? Having to hear the same voices over and over again just irritates the living crap out of me (sometimes it is good when I'm constipated but otherwise it's just annoying)

I just have one piece of advice for you - stand out instead of blending in….you idiots!


Lord Raj said...

Product Differentiation - a very simple chapter in basic business studies (the subject) taught in school.

Guess along with a lot of other things, this concept too was ignored.

Im sure the deciders (of these marketing strategies) wouldve crammed up the concept and made it through their school tests.

Education, unfortunately doesnt seem to be directly corelated with intelligence (in some cases, not even - common sense).

Abt the jingles, well its been a while since i actually put on FM in my car. I cant even tolerate Linda and her morning yaps.. imagine having to listen to the bloody jingles.. i would surely go insane. (Besides, I hate the music selection they played on the breakfast show)

BarryUno said...

Some people never learn apparently!

On 99.7 FM they play old stuff that makes you wonder why you turned on the radio in the first place. I used to be a regular listener of the breakfast show about 5 years ago until Linda got so predictive. The new host of the Nightride (can't remember her name) seems interesting. She's very dorky and fumbles quite a lot but I guess it that innate clumsiness that attracts some people to listen to the show.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you guys listened to Dubai FM? It's great. Reminds you of the FM channels back home in India. The quality of Djing or should I say Rjing is fabulous, the content is great and the shows are very interesting and get people to participate. There is a variety in everything that makes listening to the radio on your way back home from work so relaxing. Here is it just a nightmare and you want to stuff an old sock down the Dj's throat!

BarryUno said...

An old sock is just being nice mate! You want to stuff a sock along with some old clothes that were ou of style in the 70s too!

Funny enough I have just made an observation of 99.7 Radio Kuwait as I was driving to work this morning - they play about 70% of the same songs every day for at least 2 months until some new songs are introduced. In fact even the sequence of the songs is almost the same! How original is that? And their jingle actually says "the gulf's hottest station" What a load of bullcrap! Damn fools!

Lord Raj said...

Dude, you should really get some credit for this..


the observation is ... well i made that observation a while back n thats when i stopped listening to FM .. same songs.. same Linda.. (Wear your seatbelt.. im the only one who knows how to drive.. yaad yaada yyaaada).

guess nothing has changed since i stopped listening :)


Hottest channel.... duffer saale.